Real Estate Expert Jones Meshley Grew His Business Using Skip Tracing As A Driver

In the united states, real estate is a huge market with massive potentials and mountain-like problems as well. Finding a good deal can mean a whole lot in terms of financial rewards, same way investing in bad deals can be a huge money burner. Finding the right strategy for Mr Jones was all about using his knowledge of skip tracing.

Getting To Know About Skip Tracing

He got to know skip tracing through his mentor who was very instrumental in his choice of real estate as a career and using skip tracing as the number one deal hunting strategy. He embraced the whole idea and going forward he was able to find a top real estate skip tracing service which helped him find vacant home owners while he got busy looking for the list.

How To Find A list For Skip Tracing

When it comes to finding a list, a lot of things come to mind. One can find a list by checking through law records for foreclosures, by going to the neighborhoods and trying to ask people about previous occupants of vacant homes. You can use a service like skip genie to get some coaching on real estate or how to find vacant home owners.

How To Call People From A Skip Tracing List

Depending on the quantity you are dealing with. Some people would prefer to use a calling team to handle all their calls because they have a huge list to deal with. Like Jones he had few lists to deal with so he pulls out the phone each time to make the call and get across to his target lists.

Calling them should be done with some degree of skillfulness and attention to everything. Paying attention to the mood of the person at the other end of the call, starting from a conversational tone and not being salesy right from the blast of the whistle can help in converting some of the lists to great leads.

After each call, try to make a note on how the whole scenario played out. If the call was positive, try to make some notes on what you think you did that helped in turning the tide of things to the positive side. If it went down south as well, you may have one or two things to note down and reflect over.

As much as you can take good care of your list, call them again as a follow up if that would be necessary. Placing the second call can help you further develop a good relationship with the vacant home owner. Some of them would only take time to think about selling the house after the first call.

Yes, they know that is the right thing to do. Just, that most times, they are not ready to do what is right for them to do. I think we all experience this at one point or the other. When they are ready to sell the house, you should be waiting by the corner to take full advantage of that situation.

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